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Understanding Water Retention

Many women experience water retention without realising it. They experience discomfort like bloating but don’t quite know why, or they realise they have it but don’t know what to do about it.

We’ve put together a quick guide to help you understand the issues.

What is water retention?

Water retention is quite simply what happens when for one reason or another, the body doesn’t pass out enough fluid through natural processes, like sweating or going to the loo, and stores it instead.

The symptoms can include swollen abdomen, hands and ankles.

What causes water retention?

It is common to experience some water retention, causing you to feel bloated, around the time of your period due to changes in your hormone levels.

Other causes include:

  • Too much salt in your diet
  • A side effect of using medicines including contraceptive pills
  • Lack of exercise
  • Long periods of inactivity, like long haul flights
  • Standing for long periods
  • And rather frustratingly; sometimes for no apparent reason at all

3 simple water retention remedies

Here are three simple things you can try:

Glass of water

Drink More Water

It sounds backwards, but in reality if you are de-hydrated, your body tries to conserve water by storing it in the cells rather than letting it pass through your system.



You’ll sweat out that excess fluid and release feel-good hormones that can beat off those
pre-menstrual blues.


Change Your Diet

Cut down on the salt, and try introducing celery, onion and parsley, they all have diuretic properties, helping you to pass fluids. Vitamin B6 and Primrose Oil are also good supplements that help with pre-menstrual tenderness and fluid retention.


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